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When it comes to building an application, the best developers accomplish three things: great user experience, scalability over time, and fast performance.
Projects often sacrifice one of these to achieve the other two. React Server Components, announced at the end of 2020, will help reduce trade offs by enabling more features while decreasing the amount of JavaScript to evaluate on the client. This will make for a more pleasant user and developer experience due to faster performance.
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Projects are core to everything on your Vercel account. We’ve recently improved the developer experience by introducing three updates for projects. These apply to all users on Hobby, Pro, and Enterprise plans.
By improving how projects are created and connected to Git in Vercel, we expect a decrease in the time between project creation and deployment for all users and a reduction in complexity for some larger Vercel customers.
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Today we announce $40M in new funding to help everyone build the next web.
When responding to investors, we told them the stories of our customers, from independent developers to Fortune 10 companies, and the lessons we learned this year about how Next.js and Vercel help teams collaborate and move faster with greater flexibility.
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At Next.js Conf, we announced Next.js Analytics, providing developers with their Real Experience Score through data from actual visitors. Today we're expanding Vercel's analytics offerings to include Gatsby.
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Vercel now supports monorepos for improved flexibility at scale. From the same Git repository, you can set up multiple projects to be built and deployed in parallel.
Monorepos let your team use multiple programming languages and frameworks, collaborate better, and leverage micro frontend architectures.
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