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Your True Lighthouse

Vercel Analytics provides your Real Experience Score through data from actual visitors. Adopt a performance focused workflow and leave manual and synthetic tests behind.


Performance from the
Right Point of View

Instead of measuring on your laptop, Vercel Analytics collects web vitals from the actual devices your visitors are using.
Draw actionable insights by seeing which pages and source code contribute to your score.

Obtain your
Real Experience Score

An emulated test cannot capture these important signals. There’s no substitute for real data.


Real Experience Score

9,309 Data Points

The combined score of your Web Vitals experienced by your vistors.

First Contentful Paint


When the page’s first content is displayed.

Largest Contentful Paint


When all the page’s content has been displayed.

First Input Delay


The page’s time to react to the user’s first interaction.

Cumulative Layout Shift


How much the page’s elements move when loaded.

Start in Seconds

Start collecting your Real Experience Score on your Vercel deployments. Zero config required.

Enable on VercelDocs →
  1. Navigate your Project in the Vercel dashboard.
  2. Select the Analytics tab and enable.